Darr Khuda Se Episode 3 Story Review

Dar Khuda Se Episode 3 story Review

Darr Khuda Se Episode 3 story Review

Sana Javaid and Imran Abbas stole the Show as they have done till the chemistry of their pair is amazing on the screen. They are the real delight to watch Darr Khuda Sa every week. The social issue-based drama darr Khuda Sa is written by Sarwat Nazeer. She pinpoints the social dilemma that is prevailing in our society. It was not discussed openly a few decades before but now it’s been highlighted in media through dramas. Let’s see what happens in Darr Khuda Se Episode 3.

In just 3 episodes we have seen so many shades of every character and we get to know about the whole story well, from this episode the story moves on quickly. So you want to know what happened in the 3rd episode of Darr Khuda Sa? Carry on reading to find the story in case if you miss the drama.

As we know in the previous episodes, Shahwaiz married Gul and because of her age he uses her age as an excuse to go for misconduct. Just because Shahwaiz believes himself as a victim that’s the reason he continues to do whatever he wants to do. The only reason he is living with Gul is the empire that he got from her.

Afreen left the job after Azhar and their father make an issue of his colleague dropping her, and this bothers Shahwaiz and Azhar a lot. Shahwaiz tried to make contact with Afreen but she decided not to make it happen. Whereas that colleague Junaid has a respectful relationship with Afreen, and that’s the reason he suggests his wife see Afreen and his family for his brother and if she likes they can go for the marriage purpose. Junaid also knows that Shahwaiz harassed Afreen at the workplace and he also knows that she is innocent and there isn’t any fault from Afreen’s side. Though, this would be a kind of help if Afreen and his wife’s brother get marries.

At home, Tamkeen has her issues; her inferiority complexes are creeping in her mind and heart and capturing it. She all the time comparing herself with Afreen and getting into more complex. Tamkeen wants to get rid of that house that why she starts developing a relation with Sabzi wala, she believes marriage is the only way to get away from the current situation and quite eager to do as soon as possible.

Azhar tried his best to convince Afreen to continue her job. But the moment he gets to know that Afreen is not going to resume her job. And his father told him that before Afreen’s marriage he couldn’t get married. Then Azhar decided to go for court marriage with Shehla. Shehla’s mother is the one who can take advantage of the situation. Both Shehla and her mother planned to grab the confidence of Azhar for court marriage.

The drama is turning to a more interesting aspect as time is moving on. The acting performance of the actors is really good. But Imran Abbas and Sana Javed both challenge themselves to give the real feel of the characters.

Please do share your thoughts about the current episode of the drama, Darr Khuda sa.


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