Darr Khuda Se Episode 02 story Review

dar khuda se episode 2 review

Darr Khuda Se Episode 02 story Review

Sana Javed and playing gracefully as Afreen in the latest project at Geo entertainment. She is tackling the important issue that most of the women are facing at their workplace and that’s Harassment. This drama began a few days before and this left all of us quite grabbed our attention. Yet make us watch the next episode. So here we have review of drama Darr Khuda Se Episode 02.

 Dar Khuda sa is well written by Sarwat Nazeer in a way where the main character played independently and she amazingly delivers the vocals with respects for all relations and she is the one who is running her house as her father become old. Whereas, the first episode was an opener as it showed that Afreen took a ride from his colleague and her father and brother asked her in an awkward tone about the man. Mr. Siddiqui also questions Afreen, why she has to take a ride with an unknown man. But, he makes sure that he wasn’t expecting such stuff from her and this makes her sadder.

Whereas the relation between Afreen and his colleague is quite innocent, these situations make us all aware of the fact that we as a society are very aggressive in judging everyone’s situation. And we as a society don’t take much time to decide who is good and who is bad, we don’t even think of anyone’s situation and there isn’t any need of understanding the situation someone is going through.

The starting of the second episode is excellent. Where Afreen decided to quit the job after, alleged with the poor relationship with a guy from her office. And this decision makes everyone disturb including Shahwaiz and Azhar.

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Afreen living with her elder divorced sister, she doesn’t have a peaceful situation at home. All the siblings except Afreen have a complex problem that doesn’t seem to go away from any of them.

But there is a question, is Shahwaiz going to accept the resignation from Afreen! No definitely not, he will do the best to get her back in his office. On the other side, Shahwaiz is spoiling the maid at his home, he used to give sleeping pills to his old aged wife and cross the limits every moment that he got.

There is another story in Dar Khuda Sa and that is of Shehla. She is planning to convince Azhar to marry her as soon as possible with her mother. Yet they are trying to play indirectly of he couldn’t make it the way there should be.

Sana Javaid as always stole the show by her performance this week again; she also managed well to plunge into the character of Afreen that it looks real. Azhar, a character played by Ali Ansari as a selfish brother which he is doing very nicely. Imran Abbas is playing the subtle and womanizer role very well.

Though another episode of Dar Khuda Sa is aired and it gets good reviews from the viewers. Although the direction of Anjum Shahzad is taking this drama to the heights.

Do watch the drama, Dar Khuda Sa every Tuesday, at 8 pm only on Geo Entertainment.


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