Dar Khuda Se Episode 1 story Review

Dar Khuda Se Episode 1 story Review
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Dar Khuda Se Episode 1 story Review

Sana Javed and Imran Abbas ‘Dar Khuda Sa’ is a must watch!!


Okay, here we go!! The script of the drama Dar Khuda Sa is written by Sarwat Nazeer, shoot under the direction of Anjum Shahzad and 7th Sky Entertainment produces it. It’s been starting airing on the Geo Entertainment since June 2nd, 2019 on every Tuesday at 8 pm. The story is about the youngest daughter Afreen who is working to support her family and the arrogant character of Shahwez who continuously makes it tougher for Afreen to work there.

The first episode of Dar Khuda sa introduced the characters and show the insight of the livelihood of the drama characters.

The writer Sarwat Nazeer, who is famous for a very straight forward opening of the drama and without any delay, the start is amazing and I can’t wait much to see the rest of the drama.


Sana Javed played the role of Afreen, the young daughter if the house.

Kiran Haq as Tamkeen, the elder daughter and Ali Ansari played the role of Azhar the only son of the family.

Qavi khan as Mr. Siddiqui and Sajjida Syed played the role of Mrs. Siddiqui.

Tahir the elder son of the house settled in the Middle East married to Maham; the role played by Minza Waqas.

The elder daughter Tamkeen is a divorcee and Azhar is in relationship with his colleague Shehla (Nirma Shahid).

Imran Abbas as Shawez who is married to a rich older woman Mariam Mirza; she has a son from the last marriage.


The plot, in the beginning, shows that Shawez only married to that woman because of her business and wealth and it is obvious he is not loyal and sincere with her.

In this play Shahwez is more labeled as a womanizer and as his wife is not according to his likeliness he keeps on taking interest in other women.

Afreen is more compassionate toward her parent out of all of her siblings, and she tries to bear all the financial burden of her parents. The rest of Afreen’s siblings are selfish and they just care about themselves. The parents are not able to bring a change in the house, and Afreen was engaged with to Maham’ brother ( sister in law) but they quit as Maham doesn’t want this to happen.

Shahwez got the new target in his office, as Afreen got a job there; he has sights on her all the time but she stays firm and makes it clear on Shahwez that she is not going to accept any of his favors. There is a man named Junaid who is a colleague of Afreen and knows very well the character of Shahwez. He tries to help her in every situation.

The closing thought is that the drama seems very simple yet interesting as its happening in our real lives that should be addressed. And Sarwat Nazeer draws the line very finely; it’s the beginning let’s see where it turns. The cast is well refined and polished enough to take this drama on the peak of the all the dramas aired now.

I am recommending highly this Dar Khuda Sa drama to the people out there who watch family dramas as there might be a lot to learn and practice in their lives.

You better watch and share your thoughts about the first episode of dar Khuda Sa.


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