Darr Khuda Se Episode 08 STORY REVIEW

dar khuda se episode 8 review

Darr Khuda Se Episode 08 STORY REVIEW

Sleazy Shahwaiz is thrilled to Afreen back on work, and this is the moment that can make us sure the real story has just begun. But the tempo in the early episodes remains a bit slow that keeps the audience glued to the screen. With Afreen’s rejoining the same office, the drama Dar Khuda is not supposed to be missed at any cost. Read this article to know what happened in Darr Khuda Se Episode 08.

The duo of director and writer is complimenting each other; their way of work is engaging people to keep on watching the drama and waiting for the upcoming scenes. They know how to build a story at a steady pace. Besides the main topic of the script, the duo is managing well the family matters.

Did you watch episode 8 of Dar Khuda Sa? If you have missed or you want to see and before this, you just want to know how it goes, so here we go with the dar Khuda Sa episode 8 Review. Hang on to know. 

Afreen stays positive throughout the drama, no matter what are the conditions of her family or her mental condition. She knows well how to cope with all the bad situations and above all she never misbehaved.

Shahwaiz is keeping his emotions in control as he doesn’t want to show her how happy he is upon her joining back. In the meanwhile, Tamkeen doesn’t like Shehla and she is blunt enough to show whatever is in her mind. She keeps on reminding Shehla how bad she has done to her family every single passing day. This n

The episode is good overall; we have to wait until next Tuesday to see what is going to happen. Imran Abbas is doing well in negative character, maybe he is trying to shed the image of a romantic hero to play such a grey role. He is doing complete justice to the role and he looked perfect as a harasser in the play. Sana Javed again playing a very confident girl role as she did before n Khaani drama. It’s a nice drama that’s dealing with sexual harassment at the workplace which perfectly goes with the #me-too movement. 

The first episode has established the characters and the role they will be playing in the drama. The antagonistic energy in the show is particularly appealing and makes us look forward to what the story has in store for us.


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