Cheekh Drama Episode 08 Review

Cheekh drama episode 8 review

Cheekh Drama Episode 08 review

We come again with Cheekh Drama Episode 08 review. But lets remind what happened in last episode. As in the last episode. Mannat goes to graveyard on Nayab grave for Fatiha and thinking about the entire incident deeply. Suddenly Ramzan comes there and see Mannat is already here. Ramzan ask Mannat why she did not do something for her friend she reply that she has very weak relation by doing something she have to lost his home. She is helpless. She cannot do something tor Nayab and cannot be with you. He asked her that no one here please tell the truth, is Wajih culprit.

Mannat only answer that she cannot be with you on this matter, Ramzan said we are on the last stage of Imaan as we only think bad about bad but not do anything. Mannat asking for forgive her. Ramzan forgives Mannat and say, he will fight for her daughter as it is father duty to give respect to daughter and safe her respect. He already did injustice with her daughter Nayab but not now. Nayab lost everything by saving my home. Mannat try to explain that it is not possible they are rich people and you will lose the case.  Ramzan said whatever the result is I will fight. Then he gave a message for Wajih that the parents cannot buy with money.

On coming back of Mannat to home Yawar asked her why she did not bring a driver with her Mannat asked okay I will take care next time but Wajih teased her she doesn’t want to lose her secrets by bringing driver with her. Once again Wajih teases her as she is coming from the graveyard. On this Yawar asked Mannat environment of our home should not be disturbed and resolve your issue between you and Haya, now you are not only friends so that it’s not important to resolve your problem.

Then Wajih bring a chocolate gift for Haya asked her sister are always blessing as sister in law make fun of small things and defame anytime. Haya explain that it because for confusion created due to Nayab statement.

In the next seen Mannat is drinking tea when Wajih comes there and treated her very strange behavior and ask her  to not opened her mouth about my truth as no one even police will not believe her so it is useless.

On the other hand, Ramzan is coming to his home some boys are following him. And making sentences as Raman’s daughter is a bad girl while this someone come on the bike and throws black liquid on his face. He comes to home his wife starts teasing and say him to change the cloths but he cannot clean blackness from his face. Ramzan said I have to fight this war as it is the war of every daughter I will fight for all daughters.

There Wajih is present in the office. He received a video in which boys are irritating Ramzan and someone throwing black liquid to his face. Wajih is feeling happy when he sees this and said own self as I give her offer of 5 million that is his mistake.

Mannat goes to her mother and told her about the behaviour of Wajih with her. She again advises her to be quite on this matter everything will be fine soon. Everyone will forget everything. Mannat is in severe pain as everyone forgets about the Nayab and what happens with her by Wajih.

Mannat receive Shayan call, Mannat asked him a question why you marry me. He replied as my sister said to me and she asked if there is a fight between your family and me. To whom you will support he said it was an honour for a man to support his family always. Mannat is deeply thinking about the answers as it clears her position in that family.

Then Mannat was cooking in the kitchen while Wajih comes there and viewed her Ramzan video. Haya insulted Mannat as she is not doing right. Mannat does not expect this from Haya. She is in shocked and tens.

In the Cheekh Drama Episode 08, mostly behaviour of our society is showing. Unfortunately in our society culprits are not to be punished because no one who stands with right of poor. As in drama no one is ready even not thinking for Nayab justice. If someone tries they also have to face a lot of hurdles and difficulties.


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