Cheekh Drama Episode 7 Review

Cheekh drama episode 7 review

Cheekh Drama Episode 7 review

In the last episode, Wajih explains the entire incident in front of Mannat. Mannat in shock and tension go to her mother’s home and tell all this to her mother. Her mother showed strange behavior and asked Mannat to be quite on the whole incident because this is a matter of her in-laws and Wajih is her brother in law. No one will believe you everyone thinks it is the self-made story of you, have patience Allah will uncover him. Let’s see what is going on in Cheekh Drama Episode 7.

Ramzan goes to the police station for FIR purpose but inspector Amir makes excuse from the meeting. And make a call (to Wajih) ask to give some money to Ramzan for settlement of the case. Furthermore, he will not give anything to Ramzan from his share.

Wajih goes to Ramzan home, here he gives 1 lac to Shamsa as it is tradition to give some money. Fatiha Shamsa who is already a greedy lady accepted that. Wajih offers her to give money for taking back the case. That she agreed to him and asked to agree on Ramzan. Soon Ramzan arrived at the home and by seeing Wajih there he lost his temper. And ask him to get out of his home but Wajih gives them to offer for the settlement of the case. First 1milion, 2 million, 2.5 million, 3million, 4 million, 4.5 million and 5 million respectively. But Ramzan refused his all offers.

On the other hand, Mannat’s mother asked her to be quite as every home has secrets. And now she should go to her home. Mannat comes back to the home where all family members are sitting and deciding about the jewelry of Haya’s marriage. She wants designer jewelry and it seems that they have no regret for Nayab’s death. On Mannat’s arrival, Wajih makes a torn statement to Mannat no girl ever refuses him. She could not sit there anymore and go to her room.

Whereas Haya comes to her and how long we will remain in sadness. Mannat tell her about Nayab’s last statement which she gave to police asking is awol. Therefore, we call Wajih asking, on this Haya loss her temper. And ask her Wajih is her brother and she went made she needs mantel treatment it can never be possible.

Mannat goes to the roof where the incident occurs, she receives a call from her husband Shayan. She tells him about Wajih, he disconnects the call by saying that Wajih is his brother. And that she should not take his name in this issue. How can it possibly a culprit accept his crime in front of you it’s impossible.

Mannat comes to her mother to tell her about Shayan’s behavior she again asking Mannat to not ruin yourself she should be quite. Women always sacrifice a lot for their home but you want to lose everything. Mannat saying that everyone should not be selfish and she will not think for himself this much she wants justice for her friend.

There Yawar asked Wajih about the transaction of 5 million from his account, he wants to ignore but on insist Wajih tell Yawar 5 million given to inspector Amir for hind the Nayab statement on this Yawar angry on Wajih why he did so on the engagement of his sister to her friend. Wajih tells he was not wanted to do so but she slaps him and spits on him and he got anger all happed in anger. 

All family members are sitting together and Wajih tore Mannat continuously. And suddenly servant tells that Ramzan comes to Wajih to go to meet Ramzan. And above all, Ramzan throws black liquid on Wajih’s face and said you deserve this. Wajih seems in anger.

Mannat goes for Nayab’s grave in the graveyard with flowers and remembers the words of Nayab. That if someone kills her, her stepmother sale her blood for money, Nayab shares her hurdles of life Mannat.

In drama cheekh 7episode, the reality of our society is showing. Everyone is very selfish and wants to safe own self on. No one wants to stand against injustice. Mannat makes realize how difficult for her to stand for justice.


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