Cheekh Drama Episode 6 Review

Cheekh drama episode 6 review

Cheekh drama episode 6 review

Cheekh Drama Episode 06 start with the meeting of Mannat and Wajih’s friend Shariq who is telling about the incident and told Mannat he saw last time Mannat on stairs of her home and Wajih was also on stairs. Shariq is the main witness of that incident.

Ramzan is in extremely in depression as he forget that Nayab died and inquire about a bag which Nayab take with her in that night.

Mannat make inquiry from Wajih’s friend Abdullah and Sami whose are also present in engagement function that night. She also asked about Wajih. Abdullah and Sami said Wajih was with them. They inform Wajih as his sister in law (Mannat) was doubt on him by making a call to Wajih.

Mannat is continuously thinking about Nayab and the days she spends with Nayab. She has spare keys of home and he hides these keys from Yawar as he forgot where keys were placed by him. Mannat go inside the Wajih room and searching something which give her a clue about that incident. She goes to Wajih wardrobe and checking Wajih engagement function sherwani. Sherwani was tearing. 

While Mannat was in Wajih room, Wajih arrived home and goes to his room he enters the room and he saw Mannat who is holding sherwani of Wajih. He asked what this is and why is she doing an investigation from his friends and checking his room like this.

Mannat ignore his question and asked how sherwani damage as it is not before the incident. Wajih with a strange behavior asks her whom you are searching for a time. That is me you have to shut your mouth then I will tell you everything that is happened that night.

Wajih tells the Mannat while the function is going on. I call Nayab to come inside by making a sign she tell her father wants her marriage with a man who lives in Dubai. Then Wajih asks her that I am an open-minded person and want comparability before marriage. She wants to go back but Wajih try to force her. Nayab slap Wajih and the Wajih treated her badly like a wolf. Wajih tells Mannat because she slaps me  I broke both arms she wants to go back. And ask for help but I push her from the roof as it is the last option for me.

Mannat is badly crying while listen the whole incident from Wajih. She is in shock as she never thinks of that. Wajih tell her never any girl refuses him and Nayab did so, it was bad time of her. Mannat go from home to her mother home there she tells her everything to her mother she is also in shock but asking Mannat to be quiet about all this as silence is sometimes great blessing and she advises Mannat to apologize to Wajih and pretend like she did not listen or know anything and have patience on this matter.

 Mannat is once again shock on her mother attitude as what is she asking.

In Cheekh Drama Episode 06 revealed many things that are confusing and mysterious from previous episodes. Wajih tell the whole incident how he punished and behave like a wolf on refusal of Nayab. It shows the bitter reality of our society moreover shocking is that on this extreme incident. Mannat’s mother prefers to be quite. People have such behavior courage culprit and also protect them from law and punish.


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