Cheekh Drama Episode 4 Review

Cheekh drama episode 4 review

Cheekh drama episode 4 review

We are here with Cheekh Drama Episode 04 review. Mannat, Haya and Ramzan are very upset due to the death of Nayab. Mannat went with the dead body of Nayab to her home as she was calling it the last drive with a friend with a lot of grief in her heart.

While transferring Nayab dead body to the ambulance the Saleem( servant of Yawar home) touching Nayab’s foot as he has some feeling of sorry it creates confusion in the mind of viewers. Is he is doing this because he is responsible for her death?

On the other hand, Yawar tells about the death of Nayab’s death to his wife Shehwa. She is worried how this happens to pretty and caring girl Nayab. As also discussing the incident when their servant Saleem burned and Nayab taking him to hospital.

Inspector Amir goes to Yawer. He demands one million to Yawar for vanishes the FIR. Yawar shows a very offensive attitude to inspector Amir. 

In the next seen Ramzan and Mannat arrived at home with the dead body of Nayab. Haya and Wajih are also present there for the funeral rituals of Nayab. But Shamsa starts creating turmoil and saying that the friendship of rich people takes our daughter and we all are finished. She is continuously teasing Mannat and Haya and responsible for the entire incident.

Mannat goes to her mother home and Haya and Wajih come to their home but all of them are still remembering the time which they spent with Nayab and the miserable life that she faced.

Inspector Amir plans to do something as he did not receive money from Yawar. He planned that he will drag the case and creates problems for Yawer family. He call to Mannat and asked her to come in police station for investigation purpose as he have to discuss some important thing to her.

Mannat goes to the police station there he tells Mannat that according to Nayab statement he culprit is her brother in law (Wajih). Mannat does not believe on this as how can it possible said but she is in shock after listening to that. Then she tells all this to her mother but her mother said Wajih cannot do this. As he is a good boy never even listen anything bad about him. It was only the plan of police for the sake of money.

On the other hand, Shamsa again teasing Ramzan for stop now mourning and do something for the job. While this inspector Amir come to their home and tell Ramzan about the statement of her daughter Nayab.

Then Ramzan and Shamsa go to Yawer home their Ramzan trying to hit Wajih and asking why he did so Yawar saying that it is only a police plan there is nothing like that. Ramzan said to Mannat tell about in the last moments Nayab wants to tell something and she was continuously repeating Wajih’s name. Yawar makes them out of his home but Mannat seeing to Wajih with questioning eyes.

In this Cheekh Drama Episode 04, the story is quite interesting and surprising. Clearing the confusion which is created by previous episodes. Now is the time where Mannat has to think critically about this whole incident. Let’s see is it possible to find the culprit of Nayab in the next episodes of cheekh.


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