Cheekh Drama Episode 3 Review

Cheekh Drama Episode 3 Review

Cheekh Drama Episode 3 Review

Episode 3 of cheekh drama is very interesting as the most important point of the story is the statement of Nayab.

3rd episode of cheekh drama starts with the inspector declaring the medical report of Nayyab and telling them it was a rape attempt on Nayab. Every one there shocked as to how can it possible. Inspector Amir asked Ramzan that he have to submit FIR so that proper investigation can be started. Shamsa also gives a very offensive reaction in this situation.

Yawer brings back Mannat and Wajih to home and showing anger as they are in severe trouble due to their friendship they give respect to this girl and in return they receive the insult and now she will not interfere in this matter anymore. Yawar said I will handle this matter and now he has to save every person of his home.

Here Wajih to his room found disturbance there so he inquires his servant Saleem and remembering Nayab’s wedding day memory.

Mannat is still remembering the days when Nayab was with them and these three friends have a lot of love and care for each other. The next morning Mannat asked Haya but Haya has changed attitude according to her Nayab not did well as she did not care about anybody else and committed suicide then Mannat tell her that Nayab has rape attempt. Then she feels sorry for her behavior.

In the hospital Ramzan is very tense as one million have to submit as treatment charges he goes to Yawar and tells him about the situation but Yawar asked Ramzan to change his statement in the investigation. He reminds him all his previous situation how they help her daughter Nayab at every step give respect as a family member so he has to change his statement and ask the police to stay away from my family in the investigation. Then he paid Nayab’s hospital charges in this favor.

In next seen Wajih is with his friend Shariq they are playing the game and their behavior is mysterious in last Shariq says Wajih make mistake on that day by sending me inside the home. This sentence makes a sense of suspense as who is the real culprit.

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Yawer tries to hide the Nayab’s earing in the locker and suddenly becomes confused about the arrival of his wife shehwar.

In next seen Mannat wants to go for Nayab in hospital. Wajih also wants permission to go for Nayab. Yawar gives permission to Mannat but later on insist of shehwar he gives permission to Wajih. 

In the hospital, Ramzan is praying for her daughter Nayab. Inspector Amir arrived there as the doctor said Nayab show movement in her body.

Inspector Amir for Nayab’s statement as he goes inside the room and asked Nayab who was he who molested you? Nayab says “raja is wolf tell” to Mannat, suddenly Mannat and Wajih also inter the room. And Nayab breathes her last and the doctor confirms that Nayab is no more.

In Cheekh Drama Episode 3 Review, the story is going interesting and mysterious many doubted characters are there. And then the Nayab statement raja is a wolf. Who is raja? What does she want to tell Mannat? Did Mannat know raja lots of questions in the mind of viewers’? Besides this viewers also have an emotional attachment to the drama. With the death of Nayab drama becomes more interesting as who is he? Will, she got justice? And mysterious characters writer smarty attached the viewers to the story firmly.


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