Cheekh Drama Episode 29 Review

Cheekh drama episode 29 review

Cheekh drama episode 29 review

Cheekh drama episode 29 review

In previous episode Wajih was very helpless as he has no one who helps him to getting out miserable condition. Doctors discharge Yawar from hospital and Wajih and Haya take him to home. Wajih have no feeling for his brother and instead of he takes cares of him himself he appointed a servant who will take care of Yawar. This very hearting and disappointing for Yawar but he cannot do anything as he is helpless. But Haya is with Yawar. So, here we have Cheekh Drama Episode 29 Review.

Cheekh drama episode 29 review

Mannat goes to Yawar and ask him that she is feeling very sorry for him but this all happened because of you. You support Wajih at every step. If you stopped him at his first mistake this will never happen. Suddenly Wajih also come there and start teasing Mannat why you are taut my brother. And you don’t need to go my brother room again.

Shariq and Haya are going together but Haya realize that it was not proper way then Shariq makes a call to Wajih and ask him he is going with your sister to my farmhouse and there I will do the same which you done with Nayab. Haya is also very afraid and asking Wajih to help her.

Wajih don’t know what to do he goes to Shariq home he is not at home then he goes to his farmhouse and he don’t find them there then he goes to police station and ask to launched FIR. In police station no one give importance to him then he goes to inspector Amir Khan but he also not listen  to him and teased him and you are always involved in this kind of activities so you have to face it.

 Aftar that Wajih is so much tens and not know what to do he goes to many places searches Haya but he could not find her any where at last he come back to home. Mannat is very happy to see waji in pain as  he realised the pain that he was given to others. 

But Wajih is very hyper.  He comes inside of home there he saw Shariq and haya are present with Yawar. He lose his temper and try tio hit Shariq. But Haya stpped him and ask that he is now her husban. Wajih teased her for getting marry to Shariq as he is not a good boy. But haya explain her that the sisters whose have brothers like you, these girls have to marriages like this and have no other way.

Cheekh drama episode 29 review

Mannat goes to a restaurant. Shariq is also present there but he is sitting on another table. Inspector Amir Khan comes there and meets Mannat. Mannat asked him that I just want to know that you show me the Nayab statement and make me sure that it was not suicide it was a murder then what happed and why you changed the whole statement. He replied the money can change anything and so that money changed the Nayab statement also.  Mannat and Shariq make a video of inspector Amir but don’t know about it. 

Mannat by trick lock Wajih in the store room, when he goes inside for finding something there. He was crying and calling for help but no one come to help his. He spends his whole night there.

Wajih in trnsion goes to Aqeeb Zada and ask him to do some thing for him. Aqeeb Zada make him sure that we will won the case again don need to worry.

In the 29 episode of cheekh drama, Wajih faces very difficult situation. No one is with him. He goes to Aqeeb Zada as he is last opportunity for him. Let see what happen In the last episode of cheekh drama.


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