Cheekh Drama Episode 28 Review

Cheekh drama episode 28 review

Cheekh drama episode 28 review

In the previous episode Wajih warns Shayan to bring for his child Wajih ask Mannat that why you are trying to make me ashamed and my brother lost his life just because of you. We have Cheekh Drama Episode 28 review for you.

Cheekh drama episode 28 review

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Yawar is not well from last days as in the morning he is remembering all the incidents which occur in his home. They lost respect, he lost her wife, they lost their brother and he has no comfort in his home. Suddenly his brain artery torn due to high blood pressure and he fell down. Haya saw her brother and take him to hospital with Wajih.

Cheekh drama episode 28 review

All servants come to Mannat and ask her that they don’t want to stay here anymore. There is any bad luck with this family as one by one everyone is involving in miserable condition. Please allow us to go from this home. Mannat allow them to go except Saleem. She stopped Saleem for a particular purpose.

Cheekh drama episode 28 review

In the hospital doctors said that Yawar’s cannot even talk because of paralysis. Haya is tens but Wajih seems to be in tension first time and he asking doctor that please does something he is my elder brother and he has responsibility of us and our home. 

Hay goes to meet Shariq. She is very panic situation that she is unable to understand what will happen to her and family now. Shariq purposed her and ask her that he feels sorry for your family but I want to help you want to be with you for whole life. I am not a good person but I will try to be good husband. 

Wajih is very upset because of her big brother who stays with him in every condition. But now he is in miserable condition and how will Wajih handle all the matters alone.

But Wajih is very selfish and he starts ignoring her brother Yawar. When Yawar is transferred to ward then he is continuously calling   Wajih because he want to see Wajih but on calling Haya, Wajih refuses to come as he is busy and have no time.

Cheekh drama episode 28 review

In home Mannat writes all the pictures of Wajih in home. Wajih is murderer. On this Wajih becomes very hyper and ask Mannat to leave this home but Haya ask him never ever say this again. Otherwise you can go from there. 

In office Wajih is checking the statement of business and shocked see unusual loss. He lost his temper and behaves rudely with employees. Everything is seems to getting out of control. 

Here again lawyer comes with will of Shayan according to this, the whole property of Shayan will be transferred to Mannat aftar his death. Wajih behave very rudely with him and ask him to go from office. Mannat lawyer ask the banks accounts will be ceased till the transferred of property. 

Whereas Wajih ask Mannat to sign some papers when lawyer come for your share in property because business activities are stopped due this transfer. Wajih is in tension and don’t know how to get out from this condition.

Cheekh drama episode 28 review

He thinks of Aqeeb Zada and go to his home. I give you money but you did nothing. Aqeeb Zada ask to be patience everything will be fine soon.

In the 28 episode, of cheekh drama is very satisfying as Wajih is helpless. He has no way to escaped now he has to face the result which he did with others. He is very afraid of it and go to Aqeeb Zada but he did not give any positive gesture for Wajih.


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