Cheekh Drama Episode 25 Review

Cheekh drama episode 25 review

Cheekh drama episode 25 review

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In Cheekh Drama Episode 25, Yawar comes to Shayan home. Yawar said to Shayan sorry for the death of Mannat’s mother. But Shayan behaves like a stranger to his brother Yawar as they did think even for their brother.  

As Mannat in mental asylum and Wajih go there again to meet Mannat. when Mannat sees Wajih there she loses her temper and start crying and wants to hint Wajih at this all the doctors and workers come there transfer her to hospital. 

Doctor Saleem Nassir( who sitting with Aqeeb Zada) received a call from the hospital and they tell him that Mannat Shayan got attacks and we have transferred her to the hospital he asks her to give her light dose of medicine then I will check further on a visit. Then Aqeeb Zada asks her to give a heavy dose I want to see her real psychiatric patient. Doctor Saleem Nassir ask him why you are doing this with that girl as now Yawar’s family did not against her. He replies that she is an enemy of me and I want to teach her a lesson. 

Here Shariq meets to Wajih with a happy and friendly mood and ask him sorry for being a witness against you. But you also blame me for that incident that’s why I did so. Now we should be friends again. Wajih said okay. In a very light mood Shariq asks him what is the reality of that night. Wajih explains the whole incident and unintentionally he confesses his crime in front of Shariq with a detail explanation.

Wajih did not know that Haya is present there and listen to his whole conversation. She is so much heart after listening to the confession of Wajih, then in-home she meet Wajih and asks him that really  he is right and not culprit he replied that court makes me free still you have doubt on me she leaves that palace as she is very offensive

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Raman comes to Shayan home and asks him for forgiveness. He thinks that all happened to Mannat just because of him. He wants justice for his daughter but I ruined the life of Mannat daughter but it was not my wish. But Shayan gives him courage and ask that you are not responsible for that my own family ruined my life. You do not need to say sorry that you did not. Come with me go lawyer.

Shayan and Ramzan go-to a lawyer and ask her when the stay of the case becomes possible. Mannat is waiting for me there. The lawyer said it will take 3 days more but personally I advise you to please go and meet Mannat give her the courage to fight. Shayan and Ramzan go to mental asylum to meet Mannat. From there they come to know that suddenly Mannat got an attack that’s why she is transferred to hospital. They to the hospital they find that she is in insentience from the morning. Shayan know that Mannat is not ill so he demands to doctor her full description of medicines. He is surprised to see why they are giving her this heavy dose medicines. 

Shayan at home thinking about the situation that is facing by Mannat her is in anger. He picked his pistol from a drawer and go Yawar home. There Wajih is going outside but Shayan stopped him and tries to fire on him but Yawar is trying to stop Shayan suddenly a fire voice listens.

In the 25 episode of cheekh drama, Mannat facing very pitiful situation and Shayan is trying  to take stay of case but there us delay. Here Aqeeb Zada asking doctor Saleem to increase the dose of medicine of Mannat because he want to see her really a patient.


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