Cheekh Drama Episode 24 Review

Cheekh drama episode 24 review

in the previous episode of cheekh drama, Wajih goes to a mental asylum to meet Mannat and ask her sorry as it was compulsory to put you in the lockup otherwise you will put me in lockup but don’t worry I will take care you there. Mannat is full of emotions but doesn’t say anything. So here we go with the Cheekh Drama Episode 24.

Mannat was so upset after meeting Mannat at lock up and she is in stress. On the next morning, her maid finds her dead in her bedroom.

Shariq and Haya go to a mental asylum and there they bring Mannat to after lots of struggle. Shariq gives them an undertaking letter then leave accepted. They don’t tell Mannat about her mother died as no one has the courage to tell her. 

Saleem Nassir goes to Aqeeb Zada and tells him about the Mannat mother’s death and she allowed to go for a mother funeral. Aqeeb Zada is very offensive and asking why you give her leave. She is so brave and can do anything if little relaxation will be given to her and ask the doctor to give some dose to her that makes her really mad. The doctor said we can not do this as her husband is a surgeon and he also knows his rights. It is very difficult but Aqeeb Zada offers him a handsome amount of money for this task will be given to you.

When comes home and knows about her mother died it was a very emotional and sad moment as she is full of sorrow. Haya, Shehwar, and Ramzan also present there she is not even able to believe that her mother is no more.

Shayan thanking Shehwar as there is still a relationship of feeling them so he calls to her in this time of extreme sadness. Mannat is so upset. She is in her mother’s room and remembering her.

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When Shayan goes to her. Give her the courage to bear this big loss suddenly Shariq comes and asks that sister Mannat have to go back to a mental asylum. It is shocking news for Mannat as she lost everything in her life and still she has to go there. But Shayan makes her believe that he is trying to stay to court so very soon you will come home again forever. 

Wajih sees that Yawar is sitting alone in the darkness. He asks him why you are not happy. It’s my idea you must have a girlfriend. Like me. I have lots of girls’ friends and I never stick to one person. You should also do this if you want to be happy.

Shayan got permission to spend their night with Mannat there in an asylum. He spends whole night with Mannat is in stress and asking Shayan again and again. About when he will make her free from. He promises to Mannat as very soon after meeting the lawyer I will come for you.  Bring you out from there.

Shayan and Shariq go for a stay of the case but they are facing very difficult. Like every time they make new excuses how common can they get their rights.

In the Cheekh Drama Episode 24, Mannat mother dead. And Mannat got to leave for only a few hours she is in a very painful condition. Shayan is trying his best to get her out from the lockup. Aqeeb Zada is also against Mannat and uses his money to making Mannat mad in real.


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