Cheekh Drama Episode 23 Review

Cheekh drama episode 23 review

Cheekh drama episode 23 review

In the previous episode, the court gives a decision in favor of Wajih and sent Mannat to a mental asylum. It is a very shocking and disappointing decision by the court.  In the Cheekh Drama Episode 23, Wajih won the case and for this reason, Yawar gives a part to his business circle. Wajih is busy in the arrangement of busy and Shayan come there. He is very upset. Wajih pretending as nothing happen.

Shayan comes here to clear that now he doesn’t have any relation to any member of this home. He also said to Yawar that he is responsible for all that which is doing Wajih. Haya also asks Shayan that she want to go with him. This home is very uncomfortable for her. But Shayan refuses to do this because he doesn’t know what he should do now. 

Mannat is a very panic situation. She wants justice for her friend Nayab but for this, he loses all the things and now she is in a mental asylum where the patient has very strange. She is completely helpless and alone.

Haya refuses to party but Yawar asks her as he already very disturbed due to his divorce please don’t make me more stressful. Mannat is not our blood relation but Wajih is our blood relation.

We have to safe blood relations always. She comes to the party but she is not happy. In the party Wajih and Yawar celebrating their success with Aqeeb Zada and seems to be very happy.

Suddenly the inspector comes there and meets Yawar. Inspector Amir teased him for not inviting him to the party. Inspector Amir also reminds Yawar that his success is not possible without him. And also demand more money and said I can arrest doctors for fake forensic reports. He demands to Yawar to pay 0ne lac every month.  

Shayan goes to meet Mannat but they don’t allow him. He tells them, his wife is not mad and please don’t give her any medicines. He waits the whole night there for a meeting to Mannat. Then the next morning he meets to Mannat he gives her courage and said he trying her best to make her free from here and then we will start a new life. Mannat did not answer for anything and then she turns back quietly.

Then Mannat’s mother goes to meet Mannat, she is also in a very difficult situation. She is trying to make understand Mannat I was very helpless and I want to see you alive. Please forgive me as i don’t have any other way to save your life. Here again, Mannat did not ask anything and go back.

Ramzan goes to Yawar home and asks him to please forgive Mannat and make her free. Yawar talks to Ramzan in a very offensive tone and say get out of my home. Haya also supporting Ramzan but Yawar did not care about it and ask it’s our family matter we don’t need your ideas.

 Shayan goes to a lawyer there he is discussing something about the Mannat case. let’s see what can Shayan do for his wife Mannat.

Mannat is called for another meeting when she comes to the meeting place there is standing in front of her. She is also very surprised to see him there.

The Cheekh Drama Episode 23 is showing the helpless condition of Shayan and Mannat. haya and also very helpless but Wajih with his inhuman behavior enjoying life. He does not care about anybody else. Let see what Shayan does for his wife.


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