Cheekh Drama Episode 22 Review

Cheekh drama episode 22 review

Cheekh drama episode 22 review

In the previous episode of the drama, there was hearing of court and Shayan and Mannat are going for it. Mannat mother receiving threating calls if Mannat will go to court we will kill her and she was trying her best to stop Mannat from going from the court. In the Cheekh Drama Episode 22, the hearing of curt starts and everyone is present here. Mannat lawyer starts his arguments and says in the last hearing the statement of Nayab was totally tempered. 

Mannat lawyer calls Shariq for witness as he saw him last time with Nayab on the night of the accident. Shariq said he was called by Amir for investigation purposes. And last time he saw the Wajih and Nayab together near stairs but Aqeeb Zada refuses his witness because he was drunk that night. For that reason, his witness is not acceptable.

Mannat lawyer calls Mannat for witness because Wajih confesses his crime in front of Mannat. She was in stress because of losing her child and other incidents. Mannat telling about the accident and she is full of emotions. Aqeeb Zada tries her best to confuse her by making, again and again, the same question with different words and on her this confusion, he changes the whole situation and she is suffering from mental disease schizophrenia. And she is an expert in making different stories from her mind on different situations. It was shocking and surprising news for everyone.

In this situation, Shayan and Ramzan lose their temper and asking to judge as it is injustice and Mannat is trapping. I am also a doctor and know very well she does not have any mental disease. Bu t Aqeeb Zada asks I have complete proves for this. He represents two files in front of a judge and explains that one file is the forensic reports of Wajih Taseer according to which Wajih is not the culprit and the second file is about the mental condition of Mannat. 

Aqeeb Zada calls Mannat mother as a witness. This was so much shocking mostly for Mannat as her mother gives a statement that she is mentally ill from childhood as her brain has effected due to high fever. She wants to Mannat home and family that why I did not tell truth to anyone. And about Wajih she is not right and only making stories from her mind. Tough I am a witness that Wajih is a very good and innocent boy.

After that Aqeeb Zada calls Dr. Saleem Nassir who is the psychiatric of Mannat from the last 15 years. Dr. Saleem Nassir comes to court and confirms that Mannat is mentally ill.  Aqeeb Zada successes to prove Mannat as a psychiatric patient.

Aqeeb Zada requested to court, Nayab committed suicide but her greedy old father makes a chance to get money by it and for this purpose, he also persuades Mannat and Mannat who is already mentally ill start making stories. This case has no reality other than this. The court gives a decision in favor of Wajih and imposed a penalty of half a million on Ramzan and order to send Mannat to a mental hospital as she is harmful to humans due to her mental condition.

This is the most disappointing point of drama and as Mannat gets punished for standing for right and Ramzan and Shayan suffer a lot for just standing for justice. Police arrested Mannat from the court to sent mental hospital. Shayan and Ramzan have no option they become helpless. On the other hand, Wajih, Yawar, and Aqeeb Zada are very happy as they win the case. 

Ramzan returns home disappointed where Haya is already present who bring some stuff for Ramzan home. Ramzan even doesn’t talk to anyone but on asking Haya he told that they lose the case. judge declare Mannat as a mental patient and imposed a penalty of half a million on me.

Shayan comes back home alone where Mannat mother is already crying and Shayan ask her why she did so. She said Wajih can do anything if he can kill Nayab so it’s not difficult for him to kill Mannat. I don’t want to lose my daughter now at least she is alive. Other we will lose her forever.

Mannat is in a mental hospital. She is so much disturbed after the court proceedings and decisions and then there the condition of every woman who is mentally disturbed due to some injustice by men in some way. Why in our society women don’t have any value?

Cheekh Drama Episode 22 is so much surprising as no one thinking that Mannat will declare as a psychiatric patient. And her mother is the witness against her. It is so painful and injustice and someway showing the reality of our society. Where rich have power to this extent that they can do anything on the basis of their money 


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