Cheekh Drama Episode 21 Review

Cheekh drama episode 21 review

Cheekh drama episode 21 review

In the last episode of cheekh drama, the Mannat lawyer requested to judge for the forensic test of Wajih to make the case clear. In the Cheekh Drama Episode 21, Aqeeb Zada tries his best to prove that the forensic test is not Important. But court gives the order for forensic test and ask to in next hearing Mannat should become to court.

Aftar the hearing of court Wajih and Yawar goes to Aqeeb Zada and Wajih ask him that now what will happen as if forensic test will be done then it proves positive. Aqeeb Zada said the report will not be positive and give 1 million rupees I will handle all the thing and we have to handle Mannat by making another case on her because she is so much brave and confident if we did not do this she will go to high court and Supreme Court. Then Yawar show her emotion as he did not find peace even aftar changing the home. Aqeeb Zada give her suggestion that you can go for her wife and ask her to come back I will find a way for you this purpose.

Ramzan goes home where her wife starts to teasing her as why he is doing this. You are fighting her brother who is feeding us. You should step back now and forgive them but Ramzan did not listen her and ask she was not an animal for which I forgive them while they are talking Haya come with Ramzan daughters because she with them to purchase their school bag, uniform books etc. for them. Ramzan ask him that it is not necessary but she said I feel peace for my heart so doesn’t stop me.

Mannat mother receives call from unknown numbers who threating her. They said that you have to stop her daughter from going to court. Otherwise we will kill her in the court. Mannat mother is very upset and ask Shayan about the call. He block that number from mother mobile but she is continuously receiving calls from different unknown numbers and threating her .

Shayan is very upset because of her child. And Mannat feels guilty for this she asks Shayan to leave her. Because she is the reason for everything bad happening in his life. Firstly you lost your family, you lost your home and now you lost your baby only do to me. But Shayan refuses to leave her as he is always with you in every condition. Shayan courage her as this is not fighting of Nayab, now it is a war for our child as I am also a father and feel that pain that Ramzan has for her daughter Nayab.

Yawar makes a call to Shehwar and asks her if you want to come back it can be possible. But she clearly reuses. According to her point of view if you tell her about your weakness I will accept it happily. And support you on every step of life but you did not do so and make fraud with me. You blame me for your weakness. You always degrade me so it cannot be possible.

Wajih and Yawar again go to Aqeeb Zada about the case and he ordered on call. They do their job properly and all the preparations are done. Yawar said Shayan have to suffer a lot. We should think about it carefully but they replied we gave her a number of chances. But she will never give up so we have to do this. We don’t have any other options.

Shariq meets to Haya on the road and asks Haya why she becomes so senseless because you are not feeling the pain that Wajih gives to Nayab you should think about it. Your brother is not an angel he can also do this. She is thinking deeply about her arguments and remembering that time.

The day of hearing of the court arrived. Mannat and Shayan ready to go when Mannat mother stops her. She should not go as she is so much afraid after the last mishap with Mannat. Now she believes that they can do anything but Mannat courage her and ask please pray for her. They leave the home but after sometime, Mannat’s mother received a call and looked very surprised.

In the Cheekh Drama Episode 21, Mannat loses her courage but Shayan makes her strong. But Aqeeb Zada have a very clever mind and he has must any plan for Mannat. But this is the main curiosity that what will happen to Mannat. And from whom Mannat’s mother received a call and looked so much surprised. 


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