Cheekh Drama Episode 20 Review

Cheekh Drama Episode 20 Review

Cheekh Drama Episode 20 Review

In the last episode of cheekh drama, Mannat lost her baby because of Wajih. Shayan went to Yawar and explain his feeling for his child and tell him Wajih hurt him a lot. In the Cheekh Drama Episode 20, Yawar feeling very bad about his brother Shayan and he is also hurt by seeing her brother Shayan in sorrow. He goes to Wajih and asks her why he does this after all that was our family blood but Wajih refuses as don’t know who did this. But Yawar warns him that if he comes to know that you did this I will never forgive you for this mistake. 

Wajih goes to his lawyer Aqeeb Zada and tell him about the warning by Yawar’s brother. Aqeeb Zada is very happy for this act of Wajih and supported him fully as he never comes to know about you and that vehicle by which you are following the Mannat that day.

Shariq calls Haya and tell her about Ramzan and his family is in his home. Because he fined them helpless on shrine so he brings them with him to his home. Haya shocked and understand as this was happening to Ramzan due to her family. She wants to help Ramzan and she finds a rented home for Ramzan family and also pays rent of 11 months in advance.

When Ramzan comes to know about Mannat’s child he comes to Mannat and asks her that she should withdraw the case or step back from this case. you lost yours in-laws, your respect and now child. I accept that humanity still exists in this world. But I don’t want to hear you anymore.

Ramzan feels very helpless because he doesn’t have any job and now lost his home also but Shariq comes to him and ask that he releases his provident fund with the help of her father’s friend, who is your boss and appoint you as a clerk in his dad office. Ramzan thanking Allah as still, humanity is alive like Mannat and Shariq. Then Haya also comes to there and tells Ramzan about the home which she rents out for them and asks forgive her as she really doesn’t know Wajih is the culprit or not. 

 Haya takes them to the home which she rents out for them Ramzan seems to be very thankful to Haya and saying you should not be against your family as you can see the Mannat condition.

Haya comes back to her home where Yawar tells her that he bought a new home and we are moving to a new home. As I feel very uncomfortable in this home so you should start packing they leave their home and move to a new home.  

The court hearing is a start and Mannat not present but Aqeeb Zada makes taut on it that Mannat making fun of court. Then the Mannat lawyer tells to the court about the miscarriage of Mannat due to Wajih. While Aqeeb Zada said it only blame as there is not any report or FIR is launched against Wajih.

The court ordered to present a witness. Inspector Amir Khan comes to give the statement of Nayab to the court during his investigation. He manipulated the whole statement as saying according to Nayab’s last statement she did suicide because her father wants to fix her marriage with an old Man and give a message to Mannat that say sorry to Wajih.

Aqeeb Zada gives an answer that it was because there was a tree down from the roof. 

Mannat lawyer said culprit Wajih confess his crime in front of his sister in law Mannat and the court should take the forensic test of Wajih and then match to Nayab reports everything will be clear.

The Cheekh Drama Episode 20 case is on the very final stage as the inspector manipulates the last statement of Nayab but the Manant lawyer gives a point of the forensic report of which can be very helpful. Situation is very intersting as what will happen if forensic test will be done.


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