Cheekh Drama Episode 2 Review

Cheekh drama review episode no.2

Cheekh drama episode 2 review

All people are shocked and tens and think it is an attempt of suicide by Nayab because she was worried about her family condition and proposal suggested by her father. Cheekh Drama Episode 2 has been on-aired.

On the other hand, Nayab’s father Ramzan is much worried about being late at Nayab and his wife Shamsa also teasing him. Suddenly he received a call from Yawar who tell him that Nayab committed suicide by falling from the roof. On this Ramzan shocked and tell Shamsa. Shamsa starts crying that what happened now as what she tells people why their daughter committed suicide.

Therefore, Mannat brings Nayab in the ambulance with Wajih to the hospital and their doctor starts treatment. And she was continuously thinking that it only happens due to their family injustice to Nayab. As they never care about Nayab’s wishes and never think of her happiness. Mannat is so much worried and on arriving of Ramzan, Mannat tried to make Ramzan understand. That he failed as a father because he did not justice with Nayab. Wajih submitted an amount of five lakh rupees as required for surgery.

Police inspectors come to the hospital as it is a police case and makes some investigation questions from Ramzan, Mannat, and Wajih.

Ramzan explaining to Mannat, his feeling of pain that he has for his daughter Nayab. Mannat also remembering the time she spends with Nayab and thinking about the miserable conditions that she has to face every time.

Here Yawar asked his servant Saleem to remove the setup and clean all the ground (the place of the accident). Haya in the house very tense and praying for Nayab while walking. There he found earing of Nayab (she gave to Nayab as a gift). Haya this earing to her brother Yawar and he asked her to take some rest all will be fine. Police arrive there for investigation purposes in the place of accident. The police inspector noticed that the place of accident. Yawer asked the inspector that he should dismiss the case as an act is due to emotional age and should not propagate.

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But the inspector starts the investigation process by finding the house structure and rooms near the stairs and roof. On the Yawar found a broken bangle of Nayab on the roof and pick up before the inspector noticed that bangle. After that inspector leave the house by saying that prays for Nayab otherwise it will create a problem.

Next morning Shamsa comes to the hospital and she making arguments and blaming Mannat. She asked Mannat that she always doubt her husband and Nayab’s affair so she did this to Nayab. Yawar also comes to the hospital when police inspector makes a call to all of them. And tells them Nayab has a rape attempt according to a medical report.

Episode 2 of cheekh drama is still confusing and has many questions in the mind of viewers as still possibilities of many situations. Yawar’s suspicious behavior and Shamsa blaming to Mannat. Creating a new turn for the situation when the inspector tell about the rape attempt to Nayab according to the report. Let’s see what going to happen in the next episode.


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