Cheekh Drama Episode 19 Review

Cheekh drama episode 19 review

Cheekh drama episode 19 review

As in the last episode the court proceeding are was starts with making questions to Ramzan. In the Cheekh Drama Episode 19, the proceeding is continued and the lawyer asks about the last statement of Nayab. Ramzan told that Nayab was calling Wajih name till her last breath and according to her last statement. She said that Wajih harassed her and tries to molest her but she slaps Wajih, this Wajih beat her badly and throw her from the roof. Then Aqeeb Zada makes more questions to Ramzan and concludes that at the time of statement he was no present there and he read the statement only. Judge orders that inspector Amir Khan Come to court with Nayab statement and also for investigation purpose.

Here Haya again has pitiful emotions for Nayab and thinking about her. Haya remembering those days when the tree friends are always with each other and always enjoy a lot.

Mannat mother is not well. Shayan is not at home that’s why she goes to market for medicine. When she is on the road she noticed that Wajih is driving. She ignores him and go inside the store. She purchased medicine but there some ladies who taunt her because she is characterless. They said this type of girls are responsible for ruin the families. Mannat was so much hearted by their talks. When she is going back to home, Wajih start his car and following her. He is increase speed of car Mannat runs fast. Suddenly she fell down. Wajih ask her as she told him face directly me don’t use others that why now I do this. 

Mannat is in hospital and Shayan is in hospital. Doctor tells to Shayan as fell badly due to which she lost her baby. Shayan is very upset and hearted. He go inside to meet Mannat also very hearted. She is crying badly. Shayan ask her to be brave and have faith on Alla.

Yawar is very tens because he divorces her wife now he is feeling about different acts which Shehwar perform and take care of him. Wajih come back to home and have very careless behavior.  He does not care about his brother who is supporting him against everything. He is teasing him for bad behavior with Shehwar and asks for second marriage. Then Haya come to Yawar and ask him for dinner and also tell about pregnancy of Mannat. Yawar showing happiness for this and ask Haya to send some sweet to their home as it is a news of happiness for our family. 

Haya goes to Mannat home but she was not home so she comes to know that she is in hospital and she goes to hospital. There he comes to know that about the miscarriage of Mannat due to Wajih she feels very sorry for her. She feels very bad for Mannat. Shayan is also there but soon he goes from there. 

There is another feel of war among the servants as lalu saying he feeling pity for Shehwar as she was very hearted. He saying that humanity is above all. Saleem ask them to stop their talk don’t need to teach me.

Shayan go to Yawar home with the baby shoes. He shows them to Yawar and asks him as I bought it for my family first child as I have extreme wish for it. I was waiting for this chance by you and now I was happy that I will have a child but Wajih ruin all. He kills my baby before birth.

In the Cheekh Drama Episode 19, the court hearing showing that there must be many problems that occurs to carry on the case. and the Yawar whole family is scattered now still Wajih have no feel for anyone not for Yawar, not for Haya and not for Shayan he still ruining their life.


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