Cheekh Drama Episode 18 Review

Cheekh drama episode 18 review

Cheekh drama episode 18 review

In the last episode Wajih go to Mannat mother home and also warn Mannat to be careful for her mother and Mannat go to her mother home but she did not find her there. In the Cheekh Drama Episode 18, Mannat is worried and crying for her mother. Suddenly she heard her mother voice who calling Mannat from the storeroom. She tell Mannat as Wajih lock me in storeroom and ask you to withdraw the case. Mannat decided to take her mother to her home. Mannat is much worried about the situation.

And Mannat goes to Wajih home. Shayan is also with her. Mannat is so offensive why Wajih did so with her mother. Yawar and Haya also come there. Mannat tells to Yawar that he is supporting killer. He is a culprit. Shayan makes try to understand Mannat and come to the home. Yawar asking Wajih to control himself as he will lose the case by doing this nonsense acts. He should careful as Shayan is our brother but Wajih said I can handle the case alone. You also don’t need to support him.

Here Ramzan is very tense about Mannat she is really doing a lot for her friend. Ramzan is also looking determined and decided to fight for his daughter Nayab till last breath. 

Shamsa (wife of Ramzan) come back to home with her daughters. Shamsa has fought with her sister in law at her brother’s home that’s why she comes back to home. Ramzan is very happy to see them at home. Ramzan tells her as he finds a job in a near a restaurant.

Haya after observing the behavior of Wajih keenly, conclude that Mannat must have a valid reason for launching FIR against Wajih. She goes to Shayan’s home. There she meets to Mannat and asks her sorry for her wrong behavior. Shayan also gives her good news that Mannat is pregnant. She is feeling very happy for Mannat and Shayan.

Wajih sends same people to Ramzan home. They throw their furniture and other things of home and saying this home is sold now and Wajih Taseer purchased it. This is because you have filled against Wajih you have to face it. They ask every people there that no one should help Ramzan and his family. Otherwise, it will be not good for them. Ramzan and his family become helpless. Ramzan spent the whole night on the road with his wife and daughters. Suddenly Shariq (Wajih friend) see them there and he brings them to his home. 

Yawar goes for a doctor and again confirm by a doctor about his reports. His doctor tells him reports are still having the same result. Yawar comes to home and starts fighting and beating Shehwar as whom child she has. Shehwar come to Haya for help here Yawar explains as he cannot become a father then how could she pregnant. Then Shehwar clear that she is not pregnant she is lying. Why you blame me over five years for a fault which I don’t have Yawar become so offensive and give her divorce on the spot. Haya tries to stop her but she goes away.

Haya is very upset about this entire situation to go to Mannat and tell her the last night situation created in the home. Suddenly Mannat fell ill. She fells fasting heartbeat dizziness. Shayan and Haya bring Mannat to the doctor and the doctor tells this because of stress. She should stress, take complete bed rest and well sleep.

On the date of court hearing all were present in the court but Mannat not here because of her physical condition and doctor’s advice. Lawyer of Nayab case calls Ramzan for some investigation. Ramzan goes in front of a judge for his statement.

In the Cheekh Drama Episode 18, Wajih tries her best to frighten Ramzan and Mannat so that they withdraw the case but they are determined. Here Yawar due to his fake ago ruin his home and divorce her so nice, loving and caring wife. Now all have hope and praying for justice for Nayab.


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