Cheekh Drama Episode 17 Review

Cheekh drama episode 17 review

Cheekh drama episode 17 review

In the 17 episode of cheekh drama, Wajih is still making wrong use of his power and richness. Wajih servant Saleem tell that another servant name lalu is talking that you culprit. He put his mobile on lalu by Saleem and then blame lalu for steeling mobile and money. Wajih had beaten his servant lalu badly for fake blame. Wajih is doing this to show his power. Lalu is very afraid and want to go back to his village but Yawar stopped him by apologizing.  

Here Shayan seems to be very careful for Mannat as he is doing much care of her even he cooked food for her. They seem to be happy with each other. While this Mannat receive call of inspector Amir who call her to police station for investigation. But as usual she waits in police station with Ramzan several hours. Inspector teased Mannat for Wajih video and make fun of her and at last he asked to come tomorrow morning.  

Ramzan ask Mannat to withdraw case as situation is very bad and her own respect is going to ruined. But refuse to withdraw the case and say she is not alone. Shayan is with her. Aftar seeing the Wajih behavior with servants and seeing the video on social media by Wajih she is thinking that same the way when Wajih blame Mannat for affair with Assad.

Here meeting between Yawar, Wajih and Aqeeb Zada held. There Aqeeb Zada asks someone for report of given task which include stopping payment of pension of Ramzan, irritating him by boy, and also harassing Mannat mother. The person make him sure that he will work with more concentration.

Shehwar have very strange behavior with Yawar aftar knowing the truth of reports. Then suddenly she gave surprising news to Yawar that she is pregnant. This is really unexpected news for Yawar as he knows very well that he cannot become father according to reports.

Aqeeb Zada sent his boys to Ramzan. Ramzan is working in small food stall. Boys make afraid him that they harm their family and daughters, we know address where your wife and daughters are stayed. 

Mannat is pregnant and this news makes Mannat and Shayan very happy and they are going out for dinner while inspector Amir calls Mannat. Call received by Shayan and inspector Amir Call Mannat for investigation purpose. Shayan warn him as they will complain to court for irritating Mannat for no reason. Lawyer tells them now all the proceeding will be done in court.

Wajih goes to Mannat mother home and ask her for tea she make tea for him but re fuses and ask about the store room which is located on the back of home. He asks that there is electric generator and I want to see it go with me there. Then he make call to Mannat and ask her should be careful about her mother. Mannat and Shayan become very tens after listening that and go in hurry to mother home. Mannat become more tense because her mother not receiving her call. Arriving to home Mannat madly looking for her mother but she did not find her anywhere in home. She was crying. 

Wajih comes to home where Haya is waiting for him because she has many question in her mind which she want to ask from Wajih. She asks to Wajih as is it true that Mannat has feeling for you and she likes you. Wajih replied that he was lie because she hurt him that’s why. Haya ask is it true that you see Mannat and Assad together. But Wajih refuses to answer as he don’t want to tak on this topic.

In the Cheekh Drama Episode 17, there is happiness as Mannat is happy with Shayan and Shayan supporting her on every step. Sill Wajih is behaving like animal with every one and most importantly curiosity is what happens with Mannat mother. Is the bitter reality of our society that sometime the people whose have responsibility of welfare of people are not only supporting the criminals but also doing crimes.


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