Cheekh Drama Episode 16 Review

Cheekh drama episode 16 review

Cheekh drama episode 16 review

As in the last episode Mannat successes in bringing the Nayab case to the court and here every one is present as per court date. In the Cheekh Drama Episode 16, is Starting of case seems to be very clear. Lawyer explains her client Nayab’s story. She faced an accident in which she lost her life. Wajih Taseer did rape attempt on her and beaten her badly. She tried her best to call her friends for help because there was a function and no one can listen to her voice. Police have a statement of Nayab in written form. But Wajih lawyer Aqeeb Zada said he is blaming my client and he has to prove this blame. Nayab lawyer asks for some time as he takes recently this case. Court gives him time till next month.

Here after the court, Shayan takes Mannat home which he rent out for Mannat. Mannat is so much happy on this surprise from Shayan. They are talking to each other. 

Suddenly Shayan and Mannat received a video on social media from Wajih. In this video Wajih saying her sister in law Mannat have feelings for him and she expresses to him. But he refuses and matter was handled by my family but she is now taking revenge of this insult by blaming me. She saying I am a murderer and dropped her friend Nayab from the roof.  He is asking people is respect for only women and men have no respect for why people always think, men did wrong. He wants to raise his voice on this topic. 

This video has seen by Shayan, Mannat, and Yawar. Shayan is very upset but Mannat tell him Wajih can do anything as he is not normal. Yawar come to Aqeeb Zada after seeing the video. Wajih is already present there and Aqeeb Zada appreciating him for doing this. Yawar is upset because Shayan is also his brother. Aqeeb Zada explains that is good to defame Mannat so that she will be loss her courage and confidence.

 Shehwar tries to make understand Haya that Mannat have valid point and you can see as what is Wajih doing with Mannat. Haya still with her brother and saying Wajih is doing because Mannat hurt him.

Here Yawar is tense about Shayan because he is also his brother. He tried to make understand Wajih this is not right because Shayan is hurting by this. But Wajih did not even listen anything against himself. He says he doing this because of Mannat.

Yawar calling Shayan but he is not attending his call. He listens but fully supporting her wife Mannat.

Here Shehwar has very offensive behavior with Yawar. Demand for proper respect like she is giving to everybody in the home otherwise she will not bear anymore this behavior. Shehwar has many questions as she comes to know the reality by a doctor. Her doctor tells her she is perfectly fine and has no problem according to reports and previous reports are not true. But she is still bearing behavior and blaming of Yawar for no children.

Here Shayan comes to home for taking some of his stuff. Yawar try to stop him but he refuses, as said he is responsible for making Wajih anima. Supporting and protecting him every time for his every crime make him abnormal. There are still many ways after the murder of Nayab. You support him in making more difficult life of that old and poor man. How can our society be change? We are responsible for all this but now I am with my wife and support her anyway.

The Cheekh Drama Episode 16, is showing that fighting for justice is not so easy but still there are lots of people who have humanity like Shayan. He is standing against his brother as he knows that he is wrong. 


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