Cheekh Drama Episode 15 Review

Cheekh drama episode 15 review

Cheekh drama episode 15 review

In the last episode of cheekh drama as Mannat comes to her mother home and Shayan supporting her and he is trying his best to make Mannat happy but as Wajih lawyer warn she has to face difficulty. Mannat mother received scarf burned on the door of his home. She is so much worried about it is the symbol of danger to Mannat. Once again she is trying her best to make Mannat agree for withdraw the case but Mannat said it is the war of justice and it is also worship. Now she is not scared of anyone. Move on to Cheekh Drama Episode 15.

Ramzan tell her wife Shamsa he retired from job. Shamsa starts teasing and taut. This all happen due to her daughter and now he have to sale his forgiveness. Take some money and in return forgive those rich people otherwise I am leaving this home. Ramzan tries his best to make understand her that he must do something for job but she said I want luxurious life you have to take this step.

Mannat and her mother go outside for grocery. She was happy with her mother and her mother is seems to very careful about Shayan and she deciding to make tasty food for Shayan. But she come to home there she saw everything in the home is scattered and broken. Mannat goes to police station for complain and tell them whole situation police come to her home and asking that why she is blaming her brother in law. Shayan also present there. Police received a call about this matter and they did not do anything and go from there without responding to anyone question.

Yawar becomes angry with Shehwar because she went to the gynecologist for her checkup. He become very hyper. Yawar doesn’t want that Shehwar goes for doctor and make her very upset as if again she will go to the doctor then that day will be the last day of her life in this home. The reason of Yawar behaviour is that before 5 years Yawar made his checkup from the doctor. Doctor clarifies from reports that Yawar never can become a father but Yawar makes fake reports in which shown Shehwar has a problem. Due to this reason he doesn’t want that Shehwar goes to any doctor and she comes to truth. Yawar is very tense because of Shehwar and his relation. 

Here aftar incident at Mannat home Shayan come to his home ask Wajih why he doing this all if he want to do something then attack from front not from backside. Wajih continue to irritate Mannat and her mother and when her mother was outside the home for shopping some boys come there and ask her they listen voice of firing from her voice. She became uncomfortable but when she arrived home everything is fine .

Here Shayan confirm from Mannat as still she is willing to fight this war and she seems to be determined. Then Shayan remind her that still they did not hire any lawyer and we received date from court. Shayan and Mannat go to Ramzan home. Ramzan doubtful for Shayan as really want to help them. Mannat make him sure that Shayan is with us and they goes for hiring the lawyer. The first listening from court for the Nayab case starts and Mannat is looking very confident.

In the Cheekh Drama Episode 15, Mannat reached to court for sake of justice. She facing many troubles but she not give up. Shayan is also with Mannat. But what happen in next episode what will Wajih lawyer Aqeeb Zada will do and represent.


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