Cheekh Drama Episode 14 Review

Cheekh drama episode 14 review

Cheekh drama episode 14 review

In the last episode, Shayan asks Mannat to leave the home after meeting to Assad. In the Cheekh Drama Episode 14, Mannat left home but Shayan goes with her to leave in her mother home. Here Mannat mother was shocked as she considering Shayan divorced her as she launched FIR on Wajih.

But she and Mannat surprised when Shayan said I am not going to divorce Mannat as I don’t want to prove others blames right by doing so. Shayan changes his thinking after meeting to Assad. She forgets her best friend and also her death. But Mannat is a nice girl she doesn’t have an affair. You should take her away from this home. It’s better for her.

When Shayan come back to home, Yawar ask Shayan divorce papers will be ready till tomorrow and then matter will be solved but Shayan clarifies as he will not divorce Mannat. But Wajih repeating same wording, as she has affair with Assad she is enemy of our home but Shayan gives a slap on Wajih face he knows everything as Assad tells all the things last night. He is just sham full because Wajih is his brother. Wajih is very hyper and saying he will ruin Mannat life. Haya has many questions in her mind and asking what is true about Mannat and Assad but Yawar refuses and says he don’t want to talk on this topic.

Mannat is very happy on Shayan decision and saying it is the biggest achievement that in this situation her Husband Shayan is with her. She doesn’t care about anything else. 

Hereafter listening the Shayan conversation, Haya is deeply thinking what the truth she did wrong with Mannat and Assad. Shayan is going for an interview for jobs while this Yawar and Wajih also going to the office. Yawar asks Shayan why he wants to do the job as you have shared in business but he replied he wants to do job for her wife. Shayan ask Yawar as you are not stopping the negativity of Wajih you are making him an animal. Here Wajih lawyer goes to Mannat and tries his best to harass her but she answer her she confident about the case and now she has no fear. 

Ramzan is very tense as he lost his job without any notification. When he goes to office officer tell her should not come on the job. This is because he has a case against rich people which is not good. Shayan comes to Mannat mother home for Mannat and gives her good news of his job. Mannat is also very for this. But she is also missing those happy days when she was with her friends Haya and Nayab. Now she doesn’t have friends, not happiness.

Here Wajih lawyer is very hyper and asking Yawar, why he is not controlling the situation. First, you did not handle Mannat and now Shayan is also on her side. In this way, the case becomes so difficult and we will lose. Then he thinks of some plan. 

Mannat mother received a piece of cloth at the door of the home. She is more surprise and tense about that who was there who send this.

 In the cheekh drama episode 14, positivity is shown by Shayan as he is supporting Mannat instead of Wajih and family. He got a job. For this reason, Mannat seems happy and looking so determined to getting justice for Nayab. But also see that Yawar, Wajih and his lawyer are not well-wishers of Mannat and they are going to something wrong.


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