Cheekh Drama Episode 13 Review

Cheekh drama episode 13 review

Cheekh drama episode 13 review

In the last episode of cheekh drama shown that it is a difficult decision for Shayan to choose one from Mannat (wife) and family. Wajih tries his best to frighten Mannat by telling the story of Nayab again and again but while he is talking to Mannat in the kitchen, shehwar listen confessing of Wajih that he broke the bones of Nayab. But make her believe that Mannat already has doubt on me that’s why I said. Shehwar goes to room and asks Yawar that he is sure about Wajih did not do anything told the whole talking of Wajih with Mannat. Yawar said that’s why I want Mannat to go from there as she creates lots of confusion and tension. Hang on to Cheekh Drama Episode 13.

Wajih asks Saleem to create disturbance and spread the news of the affair of Mannat with Assad everywhere especially Shayan should know that. So he starts talking when he saw Shayan is coming back to home but by listening that Shayan lost his temper and start beating Saleem. By listening to noise all members come there and stop Shayan. Yawar asks that all happen due to Mannat. Mannat tell Wajih is doing this and now Shehwar also know that but Shehwar refuses as don’t know anything

Then Shayan asks Mannat. The world is full of liars and no one believes you. Still, it is home when the case will go to court, news, and social media life become unbearable so you should rollback. Mannat thanked Shayan as he did not call her liar like others. Mannat swears that Wajih is the culprit as he admits it in front of her and harassed her also. Here Wajih and Haya teased Mannat even for nothing. Wajih warns Shehwar also to don’t show sympathy to Mannat as it is better for her.

 Yawar calls inspector Amir to his home and ask him, why he is not calling Mannat to the police station for witness process. Inspector Amir is eating madly and demanding for fuel expense and ask how can an old and poor man defeat you and soon he will call Mannat to the police station for inquiry process according to your wish. All family members are present while Shayan joined them. Yawar ask Shayan is he divorced Mannat or not as am fed being taunt by people because of this lady and now she is unbearable. Wajih advises him to get second marriage as food way to maintain peace in our home. Haya also saying, that this time you should choose love marriage for yourself.  

 Here at midnight inspector Amir call Mannat for investigation purpose to the police station. He also calls Ramzan to the police station. Mannat goes to the police station alone and waits a whole night for inspector Amir but he does not come at last Mannat and Ramzan comes to their homes in the morning. By this inspector, Amir wants to irritate Mannat as she withdraws the case.

Here Shariq goes to snooker club where Wajih is already present. There extreme fighting starts between Shariq and Wajih. Shariq wants to take revenge from Wajih as he blames him for Nayab incident. But nearby boys and people stop them from fighting. Wajih comes back to home and laying to Yawar as this is all due to Mannat. As an affair of Mannat and Assad is famous everywhere and Assad fights with him because of this reason.

Shayan is very tense about the entire situation. Haya makes the call to Assad and warn is he hit again to Wajih she also launched FIR against you. Then Assad makes a call to Mannat which Shayan taking it in wrong perception. In the last Shayan and Assad meet in the lawn of home they are talking to each other. After that meeting, he comes to the room and asks Mannat to pack as she has to leave this home.

Cheekh Drama Episode 13 looking little bit go away from the track or the main purpose. Here is the most important thing for Mannat is the decision of Shayan. The meeting of Assad and Shayan creating curiosity as what did Assad said to Shayan. Everyone wants that Wajih gets punished for what he did and doing to hide his crime.


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