Cheekh Drama Episode 12 Review

Cheekh drama episode 12 review

Cheekh drama episode 12 review 

In Cheekh Drama Episode 12 Wajih is trying his best to make believe Haya to that Mannat and Assad have affair so that all happen. Wajih tell Nayab I saw Mannat and Assad together so I warn them but Mannat taking revenge of that from me and Nayab also knows about this all matter that why Assad did all this to Nayab by his friend. Haya is tens and believing on the story of Wajih and saying how am I fool that not come to know about anything which happening in front of my eyes. Wajih tell her as Shayan brother arrived home so everything will be fine you should not to worry.

Here as all the servants are not even answering the Mannat question and Mannat prepared own his food. Haya goes to Shayan and remind him as in childhood he fight on her behalf to others now she needs help of her brother again as she has to face cheating in love and friendship. Let her out not only from this home but also from your heart as she is responsible.

Why you are doing this as earlier I tell don’t examine me. Mannat is crying. Shayan said I don’t how to handle this matter as everyone have tears in their eyes how  can I understand who is right and who is wrong Mannat please tell the truth. Mannat replied as no one wants to listens truth but truth is that Wajih is murderer.

Here Shehwar asking to Yawar as she feels very strange in the home and no one tells me what’s going in our home Wajih is responsible for all this. Yawar clears to Shehwar as Wajih did nothing but this all happen because of Mannat as she has affair with Assad that’s why she is doing all this and now she is not a part of our family. Shayan comes for solve the case or divorce Mannat.  

All family members are present for the breakfast when Shayan also come there for breakfast. Yawar ask Shayan aftar the breakfast you have to take decision your family or Mannat you have to choose one. Mannat comes for breakfast but all go one by one. Shayan tell Mannat as he have to choose only one from you and family. Mannat smile with hearted eyes and said take decision as she have no complain with him. 

Here Haya again demanding to her brother Yawar let her out from home as she cannot bear her anymore. Shayan comes there as he will try that Mannat withdraw the case. Yawar ask think and take decision she has to withdraw the case otherwise you will divorce her. Her Shayan try to convince Mannat to withdraw the case for our relation. She refuses to do this as this is the decision of her soul now it impossible for her to be selfish and forgot all which happen to her friend.

Wajih comes to Mannat and terrified her as he will ruin her life. He proves her characterless in this home, in her home, in court and everywhere. Now he will don’t care about anything. Now I will finished you by defame you by words. Mannat replied to him as is not compulsory every time bad won.

Haya comes to Shayan room; ask him to come for tea as all members are waiting on tea for you. Haya asks Mannat should not come as she is not our family member. But Shayan insists her and take her for tea as all sea that Mannat also comes with Shayan. They feel uncomfortable with Mannat. Shayan is in very difficult situation as not able to take any decision without understanding the whole situation.

Mannat is preparing juice for Shayan I kitchen when Wajih comes there. And again teasing her as what she thinks to do when she takes the decision when her friend Nayab bones will rot. Till now her bone has been rotten, I broke her both arm bone suddenly. They hear a sound of something Wajih see that there is Shehwar sister in law who is listening all his talk with Mannat.  

However, in the Cheekh Drama Episode 12 progress is showing Shayan is confused about what the decision should be taken. But Mannat seems to be determined as anything happens she will not step back. What will happen to her? What will be the Shayan decision and what will Shehwar do aftar listening truth from Wajih. This creates curiosity to viewers.


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