Cheekh Drama Episode 11 Review

Cheekh drama episode 11 review

Cheekh drama episode 11 review

In the previous episode, the main thing happening in the FIR against Wajih and police arrested him. In the Cheekh Drama Episode 11 starts when Shayan thinking about the situation created by Mannat to his family. 

Here in Ramzan home, Assad (fiancé and friend of Nayab) comes. Inquire from Ramzan about the entire incident and Nayab death.

Wajih seems to be very uncomfortable in lockup while the inspector calls him for a meal. Here Wajih asks him to change the room as there lots of smell and mosquitos in that room. Inspector Amir said it should be kept in mind by criminals before doing any crime that lockup have the very bad condition and ask him during the investigation process badly torture occur but I received 1 million for not doing so. And I charged separate money for this delicious meal and mosquito lotion.

Here Yawar goes to Mannat mother home and tells her about the entire incident. Mannat mother comes to Mannat and ask her to go police station with her and withdraw the case. Mannat refuses to do so. According to her, she feels peace after helping to helpless know there is no chance of step back for her.

Yawar is waiting for an answer from Mannat. As Mannat refuses to withdraw the case, he clears to her mother now she cannot complain about anything to him. Yawar restricted all servants from taking any order from Mannat.

In the next seen Wajih got bail and come to the home. Everyone in home asking questions to Wajih as is he okay. Wajih did not answer to anyone and go to Mannat room there he said to Mannat war started between them from now and punished you next 20 years for the 2 days which he has spent in lockup. Mannat said now she is strong due to the women inside her and he fights whatever happens. Everyone said to be quite and leave this matter and I will lose my home and will ruin my life. But I understand that thing the women have no home so has no fear of losing a home.

Here Shehwar and Haya talk to Yawar about the date of marriage as now Wajih comes back to home. During this talking, Yawar received a call of Assad parents who tell them Assad has refused to marry. Due to their family conditions as Mannat launched FIR against Wajih, there must be some reason. Assad feels very uncomfortable.

Haya talks to Assad to find the reason behind his refusal. He said, her brother trap this poor girl Nayab in his life and ruin her life. It is not a plan because your brother Wajih is the culprit. Haya is very upset on Assad answer. She returns to home there Wajih, Yawar and Mannat present they ask what happened she replied according to Assad Wajih is the culprit as Mannat is the witness of it. Wajih answer that he will never marry to Haya as he is interested in Mannat. 

However, Wajih and Yawar are talking about the matter and Wajih asks to Yawar as Shayan should divorce from Mannat as it is not her love marriage. While this Shayan arrived home and seems to be happy by seeing Wajih at home. Yawar tells him that Mannat did not withdraw the case. Wajih is on bail.  Shayan surprised and ask Wajih tell the truth did you do it. Whereas, Yawar replied Wajih did not do anything he just saw Mannat and Assad together and warn them they make this all Mannat launched FIR against Wajih and Assad refuses to marry Haya. Yet Shayan goes away from there. Yawar asks Wajih as it is not only your war now it is our war. We will fight together for it.

Although Shayan goes to Mannat room. Mannat surprised to see Shayan but Shayan behaviour is not so good. He is not happy to see Mannat.

In Cheekh Drama Episode 11 showing that fighting for justice is not so easy and showing that Mannat has to face lots of problems as all the relative her friend Haya, her mother, her husband and all the family not only leave her alone she also have to face lots of problems.  


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