Cheekh Drama Episode 09Review

Cheekh drama episode 9 review

Cheekh Drama Episode 09 review 

The Cheekh Drama Episode 09 also shows the injustice of rich people with poor people. Ramzan went to police station, where everyone was making fun of him. And even they did not care about his old age. Inspector Amir asked Ramzan as there is no improvement in case he should go. If Mannat agrees to stand with you then FIR can be launched otherwise nothing can happen as they are very rich. They can do anything with you and your family, inspector Amir showed him a dead body in the ambulance. And ask him as this person also want revenge from the son of the minister but killed by them last night. You should also think about it.

In arriving at home Shamsa asking now he should think about home as we have two daughters in-home care about them. While they are talking some boys come at the door of Ramzan and stats throwing stones inside the Ramzan home. Ramzan and his family become scared.

On the other hand Haya is talking to Assad, who is asking about the incident about Nayab but Haya showing offensive behavior, according to her Nayab makes their life full of troubles. Then Assad and his family come to their home for fixing the date of marriage. They ask about what happen to Nayab case. Yawar tell them Nayab had affair with someone he was also present at that function we also not know what the actually happened and she committed suicide. Mannat is also present there and she is hurting by their attitude and what they are saying about Nayab.

Then at night, Wajih find that all are sleeping, he went to the Mannat room there. He again started the video in which Ramzan was irritating by some boys. She comes from there to another room and calls her husband Shayan. And tells him that she is not comfortable with Wajih. Shayan asked her come to him.

In the next seen Ramzan comes to Yawar home to meet Wajih. He is afraid and asks guard to meet Wajih. Guard insulted him and said he cannot meet to Wajih go away. Ramzan go to Yawar office to complain Yawar about Wajih as he is irritating him and his family by different ways. But Yawar instead listening him he treated him badly and Wajih also come there and try to beat him then they ask to their servant to make him out from there. Ramzan come to home and he is badly injured. Shamsa shocked as what happened to him. Ramzan tells that he went to Yawar office. His wife advise him it isnot too late you should settle the matter by taking some money.

Then Yawar ask Wajih about what he is doing he tell about all things, as police not launching FIR, and  Ramzan cannot do anything and Mannat is so much afraid and she is going to America and the case will be finished. Yawar shocked as Mannat knows about this Yawar slap him. And ask him to tell everything he is doing.

Yawar call inspector on home and ask him why Ramzan is irritating us at home and office to make him silent. Inspector Amir demanded more money for this work and Yawar said okay.

Mannat preparing for going to Shayan and Shehwar is also helping and guiding her, Mannat go to mother home for meeting her before going America. From coming back to her mother home he met to inspector on the door.

In last, Mannat packing luggage while Wajih come to her room and again start teasing her. Mannat ask to Wajih as she not tells anyone about anything then why he is teasing her. Wajih reply that he enjoys that he also ask her he realized that the people of underworld makes murder and then another murder

Then I asked her as she is going to America till she comes back, the cased will be closed. Everyone will forget about the incident and  Ramzan will die and your Wajih becomes again a normal person to you.

In Cheekh Drama Episode 09 showing the injustice with Ramzan and Wajih showing very negative thoughts and character. As he wants to murder some, it is again a very mysterious and terrifying situation.


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