Cheekh Drama Episode 05 Review

Cheekh drama episode 5 review

Cheekh drama episode 05 review

In the previous episode Mannat have doubt on Wajih after listening to the Nayab statement from the inspector. And Ramzan also insists Mannat think about it as in the last moment Nayab is only repeated Wajih’s name. In Cheekh Drama Episode 05, Wajih is trying to clear his position in front of Mannat. Mannat asked where he was while the incident occur he reply he was there. But he saw his friend Shariq who is going inside the home.

He was drunk. Must he do all this with Nayab? On this Mannat goes police station with Wajih and ask inspector Amir to arrest Shariq but inspector explain that it cannot possible to arrest someone on the basis of doubt but investigation can be done. He takes the contacts numbers of Wajih friends who are present at that day.

Still in drama Wajih is not clear who is culprit and showing confusion as in next seen the conversation between Wajih and Yawar showing. Wajih explaining to Yawar that his friend Shariq is not a good person, he has always affairs with other girls and he is characterless. His family also knows this. He should leave his friendship for sake of family.

Mannat is so much upset for her friend and she tell to her husband Shayan but he asked her to get over it. It was an accident and now we should move on.

Wajih feeling ashamed because everyone have doubting and teased eyes on him especially his family also have doubt on him but Yawar clear that nobody make no discussion any more neither on this girl nor on case. 

Ramzan tense and consider himself culprit as he asked her daughter to going for engagement function of her friend and now he will go to court for justice. Here Shamsa again show her greediness as asked Ramzan to Sue case against them and demand huge amount from them.

Ramzan goes to police station, there inspector tells him about recently statement of Wajih about his friend Shariq who was present at that event and he is sure Shariq is culprit. On return from police station Ramzan met to Mannat. Ramzan tries to make realize the Mannat that Nayab was her best friend and should do something for justice to her and if she will not do this the same will happened to her daughter.

Mannat go inside police station there she inquire to inspector Amir that what Shariq replied to him. Shariq denied it and said he saw Wajih last on the stairs and Nayab was also present there, Wajih is only blame him for getting rid of all this matter tell inspector Amir to Mannat. She has lots of trust on you and as that tell you that raja is wolf. 

Mannat is in stress after listen the Nayab statement from inspector. Suddenly she received call of Shariq who want to meet her she said okay. Then Haya come to her and tell Yawar brother asked go out for a movie but she refuse.

Then Mannat make some inquiry from servant Saleem as where was he at the time of incident. Saleem tell he was with servant Saddique.

Then Mannat for meeting with Shariq who tells her that Wajih is only blaming him. As he saw when Nayab was on stairs Wajih was already there.

Cheekh Drama Episode 05 is clear the matter almost by exposure to Nayab’s full statement. By inspector Amir and Wajih friend Shariq telling the situation of that night. This episode clears that the culprit of Nayab is Wajih. And viewers are full of anger on Wajih for his wolf-like behavior.


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