Cheek Drama Episode 01 Review

Cheek Drama Episode 1 Review

Cheek Drama Episode 01 Review

Thee cheekh drama is a very famous and hit drama of Pakistan. Because the story of cheekh drama is very mysterious, emotional, reality-based. Also, the cast of cheekh drama is fabulous as Pakistan’s leading stars are engaged with cheekh drama. Cheekh Drama Episode 01 is introducing all characters and their relationships with each other. Haya (Azekah Danial), Mannat (Saba Qamar) and Nayyab (Ushna Shah) are three best friends. All three are very loyal to each other.

Nayyar belongs to a middle-class family and Shamsa (Saima Qureshi) his stepmother’s. She is a greedy lady who always wants wealth not only she is against their friendship. And always creates hurdles to prevent Nayab. From going out with Haya and Mannat But Mannat always makes her agree with tricks. Mannat is a stylish lively and fun-loving girl who makes everything very enjoyable. Their friendship shows amazing bonding. Haya is also the sister-in-law of Mannat. Mannat is the wife of Shayan Taseer (Emmad Irfani). Haya has three brothers Yawer Taseer (Aijaz Aslam), Shayan (Emmad Irfani) and Wajih (Bilal Abbas Khan).

Haya’s engagement is function’s preparation is going on. Nayab is present there, she meets Wajih who is showing special interest toward her. Nayab also has some feelings for Wajih.

On another hand, Nayab’s stepmother teasing her father for being late Nayab to function. And also saying to him Nayab’s marriage should be done to a widowed rich man. Because he has lots of money its a suitable person for Nayab.

Mannat and her Shayan relation are looking very strong but Shayan is out of the country. Shehwar (Maira  Khan) is the wife of Yawar. Yawer is looking man of principles and really takes care of women’s respect and protection.

The Nayab’s mother is continuously trying to fix the Nayab marriage. After knowing that the man willing to give 20 lakh to them.

On the day of Haya’s engagement, Mannat comes with a gift of expensive mobile to Nayab’s stepmother. As she makes no interference for her going plan to Haya’s engagement. Mannat really worries about the Nayab’s situation she decides to try about the Nayab and Wajih’s marriage. But before going to Haya’s engagement function, Nayab’s father comes with the bad news of the loss of his job. After convincing of wife Nayab’s father tells Nayab that she should marry that man for sake of poor condition.

The fictions start, all are seen to be very happy while Nayab was mentally disturbed. Wajih is also present there with their friends and looking handsome.

But the Wajih’s friends are looking careless and negative attitudes, even one of them have drunk. Nayab feels uncomfortable due to mental disturbance she goes inside to make some distance from gathering. Wajih’s drunk friend also going inside the house while Yawer also going inside the house.

Suddenly Nayab fell off from the first floor on the ground. All were in a shock.

Though Cheekh Drama Episode 01 is very mysterious as there are lots of confusion there. What happen to Nayab? Did she try to commit suicide?

But as she was continuously thinking about the proposal and her father’s miserable condition. Or did the Wajih’s drunken friend do something? And Yawer also seems to go inside the house. The condition creates a lot of suspense about what happens in the next episode.


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