Best Pakistani Dramas 2019


Best Pakistani Dramas 2019

Pakistani dramas are very famous worldwide as their storyline is mostly very attractive and heart touching, but the acting of actors proves as blood for life for Pakistani dramas. There is race between Pakistani Serial all channels for the best drama of year. For this purpose, thy work really hard. The story line, direction, best acting and excellent execution leads to success of drama. Best Pakistani dramas list In 2019 there are number of dramas which become very famous we can say them as the best Pakistani dramas of 2019.

Many Pakistani drama channels are doing marvelous job like Hum TV, ARY,TV ONE,GEO TV, Express TV etc. are the best drama channels. The amazing story line, direction and fabulous acting of talented actors like Saima Noor, Faryal Mahmood, Imran Ashraf, Iqra Aziz, Sajjal Ali, Aimen Khan, Affan Waheed, Noor Hassan and many more makes the dramas successful. Pakistani dramas songs Another feature of Pakistani dramas which makes them popular is their tittle songs which are amazingly composed almost for every drama.

Following are the Top Pakistani dramas of 2019

  • Ranjha Ranjha kardi
  • Do bol
  • Anna
  • Inkar
  • Khud parst
  • Baba jani
  • Tawan
  • Lamhy
  • Atish
  • Bandhi
  • Babban khala ki betian
  • Angan
  • Haiwan
  • Beti
  • Deedan
  • Mery Humdam

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi


“Ranjha Ranjhakardi” is the best Pakistani drama of 2019 which aired on Hum TV from 3rd November 2018 to 1st June 2019. This drama serial has 31 episodes. The unique story is written by Faiza Iftikhar which is unusual than typical love stories, also have a moral lesson and Directed by Kashif Nisar. The success of drama is wholly teamwork. The main role characters of drama Ranjha Ranjhakardi are Imran Ashraf as Bhola, Iqra Aziz as Noor Bano, Asma Abbas as the mother of Bhola. Imran Ashraf beautifully played his role as no one can beat his acting skills. Iqra Aziz also performs a fabulous job. “Ranjha Ranjhakardi” become ionic drama of Pakistan.

Do Bol


“Do Bol” is also a of the best Pakistani drama 2019. It is written by Sarwat Nazir and the story is romantic storyline. Do Bol is directed by Syed Wajahat Hussain and aired on ARY Digital. However, the main characters are Hira Mani as Gaiti Ara and Affan Waheed as Badar uz Zaman, Mehmood Aslam as Iqbal Hussain, Haroon Shahid as Sameer. The drama become very not only within the country but across the world.



“Atish” is also best Pakistani drama. It is written by Shugfta Bhatti and directed by Saima Waseem. The drama aired on Hum TV. The story of drama based on an orphan girl who faces many injustices by her family. Leading characters are Azfer Rehman as shehryar, Hina Altaf as Asma. Therefore, the drama becomes very popular as there are many viewers of Atish drama.



In Short

Not only in Pakistan but across the border, Best Pakistani dramas of all time our dramas are considered and followed by millions of viewers. It’s not only the actors or actresses acting, but the script is also very strong with full command of director’s direction that makes our productions the best Pakistani dramas all over the globe. These dramas depicts the originality of our daily lives and somehow there is also some solutions in it; that’s the major part our dramas are popular everywhere.

(All these Pakistani dramas are best Pakistani best dramas because they are showing the positive culture of Pakistan. However, Pakistani best dramas 2019 really change the mentality and thinking method of people which is great achievement.


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