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Every website depending on the target audience needs a separate Cookies Policy that can affect your business. Some website owners combine Privacy policy with cookies policy that is ok in many cases. But it’s somehow better to keep them separate to attract visitors from different regions. 


It’s a small text file that is sent to the user’s device through a website or application browsed by the user. This text file is nothing to do except collecting data about user actions on the website. The cache is responsible to remember the pages, images, links and they actually can be helpful for you as they are going to open faster than before upon your next visit on the same website. These cookies store information that helps the website owner to enhance the experience and interaction of the user with your website. This is possibly helping to improve your ability to interact with them later.

Cookies can collect user’s language, settings of the device, browsing activities with some other useful information. Google is using Cookies to make their advertisements more relevant and appropriate to their users. Google is also tracking analytics like several visitors land on the page, from which region visitors are visiting the site, search preferences, time spent on the page and so on.


  • Generally, cookies are supposed to perform one or all of the following activities;
  • Cookies help in imposing security measures, which can detect unusual or suspicious activities.
  • Cookies help determine whether a user is logged in; upon confirmation, the right experience and feature are delivered to that particular user.
  • Cookies are the best source to deliver better advertising niche to both user and advertiser. Cookies play a vital role in connecting advertisers with authentic users. And this happened by fetching user’s browsing history.
  • Cookies can be helpful for your website to perform well. They work for different people and gather data on how to route traffic among servers.
  • Sites and apps are using cookies to know which of their product or service is used frequently, hence this feature is enough to determine where improvement is required and what should not have a place on your website.

There are multiple reasons for using cookies on our website, and every user has the right to know the ground. The cookies that we use don’t harm your computer or mobile, not this information is for our personal use. Cookies help us in achieving information that can be beneficial for you. 


There are different analytics packages to improve your browsing experience on our sites, so you can feel comfortable visiting us again. The more trusted company, Google Analytics helps us to serve advertising and analytical cookies on your system. You can go through their policies to be sure about these cookies on your system. 


We do not use cookies just to collect your identifiable information for our usage. But in case if you choose to disable, block or delete cookies; you may miss some part of our website and you would not be able to see the full functionality of the website. Or you can also not able to access the website at all. 

In every browser there you can see “CLEAR BROWSING DATA” that can be accessed by going to the HISTORY page. There you can see the option DELETE EVERYTHING, can be named as All Time. You can see the COOKIES & CACHED FILES option there; you just need to check those boxes. Hit clear data, your all Cookies will be deleted immediately. 



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